The choice of the location for a party

The choice of the location for a party is one of the most important elements during an event organization.

There are many factors to consider:

1. The location

Usually the location is near to your residence place, but it is often celebrated in other national or international destinations. The location must be accessible so that the guests can reach it without problems. It is necessary to inform your guests about the different arrival methods.

2. The structure

It is necessary to consider the spaces of the structure:  if it has outdoor and indoor spaces so receptive that it can comfortably accommodate your guests.

Among the guests there may also be elderly or disabled people or children, it is also necessary to consider the location’s access methods, so as not to create inconvenience to anyone.

In the same location of the party, it is also possible to organize the religious or civil function so it is necessary to choose locations with chapels or sacred spaces or gardens or halls or other places to be assigned to this type of events.

3. Exclusivity and time available

 You can ask if the location is not shared with other events and if it possibly has reserved spaces, which offer adequate privacy. Furthermore, you also need to know if there are times to be respected considering many locations impose space and time limits.

4. Number of guests

It is necessary to know how many guests that can the location host

5. The extras

To dance during the party, you must choose a location with a regular authorization to dance.

It is also very important to know if the structure has its own decoration and lighting service, security service, parking and to make use of the service of a wedding planner or external catering.

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