How to organize your post covid19 event

Just recently, in Italy Phase 2 started and future spouses do not know whether to get married in 2020 or 2021.

For many couples postponing the wedding is a difficult choicer also a forced decision by factors related to this pandemic: an uncertain and unstable job, the uncertainty of the presence of all the guests or weddings organized respecting the measures of social distancing.

If you want to organize a party before 31 July 2020, you have to respect some rules:

– the mask’s use for guests and service staff (except when they are seated at the table);

– a minimum of 1 meter spacing between guests’ seats in the table;

– a minimum of 1 meter spacing between the place tables;

– table service , while self-service buffet service is prohibited; even if it is allowed to organize a form of buffet served, but respecting the measures distancing;

– ok for music, but you must wait for dancing.

However, nobody wants to lose hope, optimism and above all enthusiasm and every single future embrace will have its extraordinary importance.

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