Wedding cake

The wedding cake has always been the symbol of a wedding and, after the bride, it is the element that most attracts and fascinates, that’s why it must be imposing and amazing, but at the same time elegant.

Like all the other elements of a wedding reception, even the wedding cake will have to be coordinated with the set up of the event. The basic rule is to respect the style of marriage. Develop a common thread that binds the cake to the rest, from invitations to favors, to the bride’s dress.

The tendency to resume, for weddings in 2021, all the more traditional traditions will give the wedding cake even more importance and the moment of the wedding cake will not only be the final part of the reception, but will also be a particular moment: an event within the event to cheer and excite all guests, during which the newlyweds observe again the exchange of promises of love or far realize a scenography with pyromusical fires or organize the Laser Show, a show of lights projected on the wedding cake, personalized with images of the spouses or particular writings.

Many spouses will always opt for the traditional circular shape, which is a symbol of protection and eternal love, but there will be many variations in terms of shape, colors, techniques, decorations.

The American style wedding cake with overlapping floors will always be in trend, but with some variations.

In fact, it will be possible to find it in a “naked cake” version, that is, a cake with overlapping planes, without the glass covering, in which you will see the internal garnish, and decorated with fresh fruit or flowers.

Or we will see it in the “dripping cake” version, or dripping cake, made with chocolate or caramel decorations that “dripping” and that give a fun and very special effect.

2021 will be the “Watercolor Cake”, a cake on a white background literally painted by hand which becomes a real work of art.

 The most trendy colors for the 2021 wedding cake will be the delicate hues and the bold and bright tones of 2020 will give way to the soft pastel colors.

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